Tesla Model 3 & Tesla Model Y Silicone Molded Cup Holder With Drink Reforcements

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Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Silicone Molded Cup Holder - No more spilling drinks!

Tired of taking turns and having to watch where you're turning AND trying to save your drink as it's flying off the cup holder???  AY Custom's got you :)  These are specially made to fit the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y and are made of high quality silicone which silicone nubs to support the drink so it won't be flying around as you turn!

Just drop it into your cup holder and you're good to go!  5 second installation!!!

Key Highlights:
  • Supports your drinks so it won't spill or fly around
  • Perfectly molded for perfect fitment
  • Fits perfectly into your stock cup holder
  • Made specifically for the Model 3 and Model Y
  • No installation required!  Just drop it in!!!
What's included:
  • Silicone molded cup holder