Tesla Model 3 Center Console Side Legs - 2 PC

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Tesla Model 3 Real Carbon Fiber Center Console Side Legs Covers


So you bought AY Customs' 3 piece carbon fiber center console covers.  You're driving on autopilot and admiring your new carbon fiber center console and start thinking "Darn, now if only there was a Carbon Fiber cover that could go over those two odd shaped looking leg pieces next to the center console without any fitment issues, that would sure finish up my carbon fiber interior look.  Especially with the high quality Carbon Fiber that AY Customs make, I'd buy one in a heartbeat!"
Now you go home and decide to check AY Customs' website for any awesome new items, and BAM! you see these:

Well well well, look what we have here!  It's another real carbon fiber cover from AY Customs that is EXACTLY what you need!
These are specially engineered to fit the Tesla Model 3 and are made of 100% real carbon fiber.  2x2 twill weave pattern.  Our uniquely engineered design took hours of R&D to ensure perfect fitment and best quality material.

***Don't be fooled, these are NOT the cheap ABS plastic that looks like Carbon Fiber or water transferred***

Installation is no more than 5 minutes and anyone can install this. Held by 3M adhesives for a firm hold and PERFECT Fitment!

Key Highlights:
  • Custom made with REAL Carbon Fiber 2x2 Twill Weave for the Tesla Model 3
  • Lightweight REAL carbon fiber
  • Fits perfectly onto the sides of the center console.
  • Made specifically for the Model 3
  • SUPER easy install, double sided adhesive comes on the back of the covers for a quick 10 minute install
What's included:
  • Carbon Fiber Tesla Model 3 center console leg covers - 2 PCs
  • Rubbing alcohol cleaning pads
  • Adhesive promoter


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